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When you Reach Me
Rebecca Stead
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This book is about a girl namded miranda that meets a kid named marcus had punched her friend and she asked why and he said he wanted him to punch him back but all he did is run. Also there is a laughing man on the street that pracktested kicking. So later in the book marcus went to go apollgise to him for punching him but he ran so he ran in the street and the laughing man kicked him so he wouldn't get hit by a car and the laughing man got hit by the car an died. Than miranda found out that marcus was the laughing man in the future because they talked about going in the future.
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external image when-you-reach.jpg
This is the title of the book.
external image 442680-Cartoon-Laughing-Guy-Poster-Art-Print.jpg
This could be the laughing man.
external image car_camera101.jpg
This could be the car that hit the laughing man.
Running Boy Clip Art
Running Boy Clip Art

This could be the kid that got punched running.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoAWqP_lzRladyN1L279fnhMWmM2wqiscKaw8WYKxCGwI3rnmutuj3N03lLg
I think this is what miranda would look like
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