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Henry Hudson
May 1 1607 hudson set sail from england aboard hopewell (ship). 1609 he moved to holland and sailed for the dutch east.
his fourth journey April 17 1610
while exploring ship got frozen in water and hudsons crew got hungry cold and ill. some died.
he was born 1570 and died 1611
he was the first across hudson river
he got sponsered by england and the netherlands
he was fascinated by the ships and the sea
his father was a shoekeeper
when he was 16 he set sail down the Thames river
he spied on sailors when he was a kid to hear their stories and thats how he became fascinated with ships and seas.
he traded steel knives and axes for gold dust and ivory spices.
took part in merceless sea fight between enemy raiders.
he affected history because he provided new information for maps.
Hudson bay, Hudson straight, Hudson river.
Hudson was hired by Muscovy company in 1607 to find a water route from Europe to Asia.
First to reach north pole region.
Worked his way up from a cabin boy to a captain.
1608 Henry Hudson explorers the eastern coastlines of the U.S.A and Canada